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Choose between our LVL Lash Lift (Length, Volume & Lift) formula by Nouveau & our LASH FILLER® Lift which defines, nourishes, thickens and strengthens the lash structure.

Our Hybrid Lash Lift is a combination of a traditional Lash Lift with a more modern flare. Traditionally Lash Lifts are either a Lift or a Curl; we believe it's essential to have both in order to create the most beautifully lifted and fanned out lashes. Parlour Dala Hybrid Lash Lifts are all about having the best lift, accompanied with the perfect amount of body/curl. See photos below and on our instagram

Montana has spent endless hours finding and trialing the best Lash Lift products on the market. At Parlour Dala we strive for excellence and only offer two Lash Lift products that have the ability to cater to all hair types. 


The Lash Lift Products We Love..

LVL Lashes (Length, Volume & Lift) is a unique and revolutionary natural lash lift treatment formulated with lash health in mind! LVL Lash Lifts straighten natural lashes at the root, giving the effect of longer, lifted lashes for up to 6-8* weeks without the risk of damage & proper care.


Dependant on client care and the speed of the lash cycle our LVL Lash Lift can last up to 6-8* weeks. This is a great alternative for those who do not wish to use eyelash extensions or for those who want to have a minimal beauty routine.

LASH FILLER® LIFT guarantees thickening of the natural hair on average up to 24%*, which has been demonstrated and affirmed by the clinical test carried out at the Research Institute of Milan.


All the way from Italy, Lash Filler Lift offers the high quality lash lift products that give natural lashes beautiful lift, curl and nourishment. 

All Lash Lift treatments include a Cruelty Free & Vegan protein cleanse to remove excess oils and a customised tint.

Do you want longer, thicker lashes?...


We stock EyEnvy here at Parlour Dala.

EyEnvy is EXCLUSIVE to Spa and Salon brands only. Typically most individuals start seeing results within 4-6 weeks. Full results are achieved within 3 months and are AMAZING! We highly recommend it. 

Please come to your appointment make-up free for best results. If unfortunately you are unable to attend make-up free Parlour Dala can not guarantee best results.